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Gone With the Wind's 70th anniversary? Oh, yes, I give a damn!

I'm one of the few people (of my generation at least) that I know that still gets all swoony over Gone With the Wind, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary (!) with the 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD and Blu-Ray release today from Warner Home Video. If there is anyone out there who is wondering what fine gift to buy me this holiday season, may I direct your attention -->here<--.

On Friday November 13, time was suspended as 70 couples in period costumes celebrated Gone With the Wind's anniversary by dancing "The World's Largest Virginia Reel" in the historic Marietta Georgia Town Square. Fabulously, four original cast members attended: Ann Rutherford ("Carreen O'Hara"), Mickey Kuhn ("Beau Wilkes" at age 7), Patrick Curtis ("Baby Beau Wilkes") and Greg Giese (infant "Bonnie Blue Butler" & infant "Beau Wilkes"), along with Gina Miller who was an extra. Bill Dunaway, the Mayor of Marietta (the town itself celebrates its 175th anniversary) hosted the event with special guest Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies' primetime host.

The event was topped off with the unveiling of a giant anniversary cake, which was a replica of Tara, for everyone to share. (Check out the photo below!)

Turner Classic Movies' will also be screening Gone With the Wind on December 15th, on the actual anniversary of the film's original premiere in Atlanta. (Again, hand me a mint julep, would you, dear? I'm swooning like Aunt Pittypat!)

Robert Osborne and GWTW's Ann Rutherford. (Yay!)

GWTW actors Greg Giese, Patrick Curtis, Ann Rutherford, and Mickey Kuhn.

The impressive Tara cake! Judging from the pics, if this were hollow,
you could lift the roof and crawl inside!

The dancers perform a Virginia Reel.

70 couples in period costumes participated in the event.

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