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Hot Docs 2016: Here We Go Again!

It is with sheer unbridled enthusiasm that I say: I *lurrrrrrrve* Hot Docs! It’s my absolute favourite film festival... and I’m over the moon that it’s time for another installment! (Where did the last year go?!)

The 2016 fest runs from April 28th through May 8th, and welcomes over 230 films from 51 countries around the world. There are a slew of titles on my must-see list, including Tickled, Strike a Pose, Wizard Mode, The Happy Film, My Scientology Movie, OBIT... and so many others.

You can follow me at the fest on Twitter @moviepie.

You can check out the complete Hot Docs screening schedule here.

You can find out which films have gone rush here. (A valuable resource, to be sure!)

And you can buy tickets here!

Work demands meant I was only able to see a small handful of pre-fest screenings, and those reviews will be posted tomorrow. In the meantime, happy Hot Docs 2016... BRING ON THE FILMS!

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