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Uncle Frank is an emotional time capsule of a dysfunctional Southern family in the early 1970s, when gay small town boys fled to the big city for any sort of acceptance.

Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are reunited like a pair of comfortable old shoes, grounding what would otherwise be a predictable neo-Western vengeance flick.

The idea of a designer drug zapping young people into a different time/space continuum stretches logic, but the patient storytelling of the sci-fi drama Synchronic sells it.

In a year where political satire writes itself, it is unsurprising that Borat's outrageous punking of 'Merica is exactly what we need right now.

Katie Holmes dares to dream that handsome stranger Josh Lucas, with his truck full of tools and Home Depot voice, is for once not the bad guy... He is simply there to share positive thinking.

This biopic of the most iconic name of the women’s liberation movement manages to feel overly long while still only scratching the surface.

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