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Sky Hook (Nebeska Udica)

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The Scoop

The feel-good sports movie (think Remember the Titans) is no longer just an American specialty. Sky Hook gives us a feel-good basketball movie, but with the unique backdrop of war and the NATO bombing of Belgrade.

Our Review

Kaja (hottie Edgar Martinez-look-alike Nebojsa Glogovac) is a burned-out basketball star. He no longer plays, his wife is estranged, and their 5-year-old kid has stopped talking as a result of the fright of the bombings. Kaja hangs out with his buddies, a bunch of guys out of work, who bitch and moan and fear getting drafted. Suddenly Kaja gets an inspiration: to fix up the community basketball court which had been destroyed during one of the raids.

It is your basic against-all-odds comedy/drama, but with the edge of war and loss tainting the pure joy of sports and competition.

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