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Bickering lovers Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae get into a hilarious and dangerous mess on what should be a harmless night out. Maybe this illustrates that it *is* OK that well all hunker down at home a little longer!

Bibliophiles will get a kick out of this affectionate ode to the musty, dusty world of old books and those who love them.

Marketing itself as a political satire skewering the ideological divide between elite liberals and staunch conservatives, this über-violent, extremely gory is virtually all (literal) “skewering” with precious little “satire.” The result is a bloody, brutal, hollow mess. If you’re not a fan of watching bodies explode – in meticulous detail – right before your eyes, this isn’t the film for you.

“This movie needs more Kristen Stewart!”

If you think that the world has gone mad these days, delve into the moving and often terrifying world that Russell T. Davies imagines for a typical British family in the near future of geopolitical and technological chaos.

As someone who lurrrrrrrves Pixar films, I was super-excited for the animation juggernaut’s 22nd release – a textbook hero’s-journey story about two elf brothers trying to reanimate their late father for 24 hours. But the company has set the expectation bar so very high, and this fantasy-adventure – for all its well-meaning efforts – doesn’t quite clear it.

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