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Let’s get one thing out of the way right of the bat: Logan is a suuuuuper-violent, super-bloody “superhero”(ish) movie. If the R rating doesn’t make it clear enough, this is not a movie for kids. Right from its opening frames, it’s abundantly clear that, in tone and execution, it’s vastly different from any other X-Men franchise film before it.

And while I’m sure that shift in gears will appeal to some, it really put me off.

Though its deliberate pacing is verging upon snoozy for the impatient, viewers will be ultimately rewarded by the subtle complex threads that weave through the story of one man's ill-advised actions to ensure the best future for his daughter.

How many times do we have to tell you people??? Stepping forward to "get a closer look" at a pulsating pod of goo is not a good idea!!!

Walking into The Mummy, here’s what I thought I would get: a mindless, big-budget popcorn movie that would probably be light on plot, logic and depth but heavy on digital effects.

And here’s what I got: a mindless, big-budget popcorn movie that was light on plot, logic and depth but heavy on digital effects.

Just before writing this review, I read another one calling it, among other things, “lazy.” And I think that’s an apt description of this unfunny, unconvincingly raunchy comedy that must have been pitched as “Bridesmaids meets The Hangover meets Weekend at Bernie’s!” Because it blatantly borrows from all three of those films. Poorly.

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