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In an era when it suddenly seems as though an "us vs. them" mentality has overtaken any discussion of politics, religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation, Hacksaw Ridge is an oddly timely film. The true story of Desmond Doss, the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor, marks Mel Gibson's first directorial effort in ten years. This thoughtful, heartfelt effort does not disappoint.

An arrogant white guy easily learns ancient mysticism and naturally saves the world. Yay, white male privilege!

A triptych coming-of-age story about a young African-American man finding his way, ends up having a universally poetic appeal.

Head-scratchingly intriguing right up to the closing credits, Arrival is a worthy addition to the pantheon of cerebral sci-fi.

How can the presence of so many talented people equal so little fun? Well, I guess it is like going to work...

This astonishing true story of an adoptee that was lost, then found is elevated by the wonderful performance of a ridiculously sweet child actor who steals the whole movie.

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