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If I'm going to watch a drama of photo-realistic animals, I'd rather watch a BBC nature documentary.

The Art of Racing in the Rain gets you weepy right from the opening scene. Manipulative? Yes. But if you are a critter-lover, you'll fall for it.

Okay, people. Remember when I wrote about Furious 7? Or Fate of the Furious? Remember how much I lurrrrrrved those films and declared them thoroughly worthy of REVIEWS WRITTEN ALL CAPS?

Well, allow me to share with you this breaking news: THE FRANCHISE HAS DONE IT AGAIN. And no amount of capital letters will adequately convey how much I enjoyed this epic, explosive, exceptionally funny action-comedy. The best part? It’s an entirely self-contained story, so you can grab your popcorn, settle into your seat and let its awesomeness wash over you even if you’ve never seen a single frame of any part of the Furious franchise.

Make no mistake: Last Christmas is sappy. It’s unapologetically sweet and syrupy. It’s sometimes silly. It pushes suspension of disbelief to its limit... except when it comes to a hint of magic realism, which you’re expected to swallow whole, no questions asked.

And I loved it.

Despite a strong central performance, Harriet can't rise above a hokey script and a story that seems afraid to leave anything on the cutting room floor.

For a guy who can shoot a guy in the neck on a bullet train from 2 kilometers away, Will Smith's government assassin Henry seems to be the last guy to figure out he is being chased by his own clone. I mean, the whole audience knows this going in to the movie, and despite Henry's laser-like focus and accuracy as a sniper, he goes through at least a couple action sequences with "Junior" (Will Smith de-aged to 20-something) without noticing something familiar about the younger assassin.

This is just one of the head-scratching kinda dumb things about Gemini Man.

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