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Maybe Peter Parker doesn't want to be next generation of hero. Maybe he just wants to go on his high school class trip to Europe and tell the cute nerdy girl he likes her.

This time around, director Jon Watts creates a mash-up between a summer-vacation comedy a rom-com for teens and a by-the-book superhero adventure, and the result is... middling.

It's a bad sign when one character's fabulous sweaters upstage the weakly smoldering romance at the center of the film.

Please ignore the fact that this film has an instantly forgettable, cookie-cutter title. Disregard the pleasant but vague poster. Get over the fact that you will not recognize a single actor or the first-time feature director. Just listen to me when I say that Raising Victor Vargas is perhaps the most realistic, funny, and enjoyable teen romance that I've seen since Lukas Moodysson's Show Me Love. I don't know when the last time was that I was literally grinning through an entire movie, so thoroughly enjoying not only the great young (and non-professional) cast, but really caring that Everything Will Turn Out OK. (Since this IS a movie, of course everything does.)

This well-made, excruciating film will likely trigger PTSD in anyone ever emotionally affected by terrorism. That is, all of us.

Expectations have been high to see Jordan Peele's follow-up to his subversively funny horror smash Get Out. The trailer for Us teases us with a new horror: What if you were confronted by your own doppelgänger who was intent on killing you? Like Get Out, Us has layers of social commentary... but unlike his first film, Us just doesn't quite come together.

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