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Though its deliberate pacing is verging upon snoozy for the impatient, viewers will be ultimately rewarded by the subtle complex threads that weave through the story of one man's ill-advised actions to ensure the best future for his daughter.

The Armenian genocide finally gets the Hollywood treatment with this earnest and ultimately unsatisfying romantic epic.

When I saw Furious 7 a couple of years ago, I wrote that it was the kind of movie that merited a review written in all caps. Well. I’m pleased to report that THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS MORE THAN EARNS THAT SAME DEGREE OF ALL-CAPS WORTHINESS!

There is an undeniably fascinating story that is the shell of Queen of the Desert, and I'd argue that Nicole Kidman is perfectly cast as the focus point of the true events portrayed. But somehow, this sumptuous story is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Despite having all the elements of a harrowing true war story featuring selfless acts of heroism, the most interesting characters end up being the zoo animals.

There’s a distinct melancholy running through director Danny Boyle’s long-awaited follow-up to his frenetic – and star-making – 1996 drama about a quartet of Edinburgh heroin addicts, and it’s that reflective, borderline-poignant undertone that, for me, elevates this otherwise uneven sequel.

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