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Marketing itself as a political satire skewering the ideological divide between elite liberals and staunch conservatives, this über-violent, extremely gory is virtually all (literal) “skewering” with precious little “satire.” The result is a bloody, brutal, hollow mess. If you’re not a fan of watching bodies explode – in meticulous detail – right before your eyes, this isn’t the film for you.

“This movie needs more Kristen Stewart!”

As someone who lurrrrrrrves Pixar films, I was super-excited for the animation juggernaut’s 22nd release – a textbook hero’s-journey story about two elf brothers trying to reanimate their late father for 24 hours. But the company has set the expectation bar so very high, and this fantasy-adventure – for all its well-meaning efforts – doesn’t quite clear it.

"Queen and Slim" are the last people that want to become cultural heroes because of an act of violence, in this gripping, timely, and tragic couple-on-the-run road movie.

CGI may be evolving by leaps and bounds, but Harrison Ford can still out-act an animated dog.

Currently in theaters.

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