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When author Garrard Conley, son of a Baptist minister, was outed in college as being gay, his parents enrolled him in a conversion-therapy program aimed at turning him straight. Conley’s ordeal – which took place in the early 2000s, not in some long-ago dark age – formed the basis for his book, Boy Erased, which actor-director Joel Edgerton brings to the big screen in this effective adaptation.

Carey Mulligan burns through the screen in this quiet, muted character study of a family falling apart in 1960s Montana.

Darkly funny and nicely nuanced, this engaging character study of real-life journalist and biographer – turned felonious forger – Lee Israel cements Melissa McCarthy as a compelling dramatic actress, and allows perpetual second-fiddle Richard E. Grant to shine, as well.

"This is not us. This is not who we are."

Both immediate and distant, First Man is a thrilling and frustrating ride that ultimately stands on its own in the pantheon of space-race films.

Weirdly, the dual-persona theme of this latest big-screen Marvel outing mirrors the execution of the film itself, which flips awkwardly back and forth between a few different cinematic “personalities.” The result is a bit of an erratic, unsatisfying mess that’s somewhat salvaged by its lead actor... but which will likely confuse or confound moviegoers familiar with the character’s comic-book canon.

Because in the comics, Venom is a villain (right?). But in director Ruben Fleischer’s adaptation he’s a rascally, smart-ass antihero. Wait. What?

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