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My experience watching Wilson the movie kind of mirrored various characters’ experiences dealing with Wilson the person: I wanted to like it, and occasionally did have moments when I thought I might, but it was ultimately too abrasive and uneven to really connect with me in a meaningful way.

Have we learned nothing from every movie ever made about encountering a mysterious life form in space? Namely, that the wisest course of action is always to just leave it alone, back away slowly and then flee as fast as humanly possible?

A sometimes muddled head-scratching ghost story plot is buoyed by the always interesting Kristen Stewart.

It's Apocalypse Now meets Jurassic Park (with a big ape) in this odd mishmash monster movie.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right of the bat: Logan is a suuuuuper-violent, super-bloody “superhero”(ish) movie. If the R rating doesn’t make it clear enough, this is not a movie for kids. Right from its opening frames, it’s abundantly clear that, in tone and execution, it’s vastly different from any other X-Men franchise film before it.

And while I’m sure that shift in gears will appeal to some, it really put me off.

Imagine if you met the love of your life and decided to get married. Now imagine that not one, but two nations vehemently opposed your union. Such was the real-life situation for Suretse Khama, the first President of Botswana, and his British wife, Ruth Williams, and the couple’s powerful story comes to life in this equally engaging drama from director Amma Asante (Belle).

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