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This well-made, excruciating film will likely trigger PTSD in anyone ever emotionally affected by terrorism. That is, all of us.

Julianne Moore shines in this slice-of-life comedy about a middle-aged-woman who is (gasp!) comfortable in her own skin.

Expectations have been high to see Jordan Peele's follow-up to his subversively funny horror smash Get Out. The trailer for Us teases us with a new horror: What if you were confronted by your own doppelgänger who was intent on killing you? Like Get Out, Us has layers of social commentary... but unlike his first film, Us just doesn't quite come together.

This teen romance set in the cystic fibrosis ward of a hospital struggles with "disease-of-the-week" tropes while shedding light on a truly awful condition.

This is no dignified costume drama. There are punches, slaps, and knees to the groin. F-bombs fly, people in powdered wigs vogue, and sexual services are parlayed like currency. In a word, The Favourite is wicked, and deliciously so since its three leads are women.

It feels like an A-list director and cast were dared to whip together a B-movie stalker film.

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