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You gotta love an athletic triumph story that admits that you may shit yourself in the process.

Full of heart, The Peanut Butter Falcon imagines a Huckleberry-Finn type story with a new kind of hero.

Don't tell grandma she has cancer. What seems to be the worst idea to one may be the best idea for all. (Yes, you'll probably cry. But don't worry, this sweet, gentle movie will also make you laugh.)

Maybe Peter Parker doesn't want to be next generation of hero. Maybe he just wants to go on his high school class trip to Europe and tell the cute nerdy girl he likes her.

This time around, director Jon Watts creates a mash-up between a summer-vacation comedy a rom-com for teens and a by-the-book superhero adventure, and the result is... middling.

This broad-reaching document of the AIDS crisis works best when it focuses on the intimate stories of San Francisco General Hospital's Ward 5B.

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