Ma (2019)

Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer) is an unassuming woman who works as a vet tech in the town where she grew up. When a group of teenagers asks her to buy them alcohol, she tries to go on her way like any sensible adult. When they persist, she complies, and in that one act of compliance, …

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Halloween (2018)

After nearly being killed by Michael Myers as a teenager and losing several friends to his murderous rampage, Laurie Strode made some semblance of a normal life. She married twice, had a daughter, and created a home, but the trauma she carried with her defined every aspect of this life. The marriages ended in divorce, …

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The Art of Being Bill: Bill Murray and the Many Faces of Awesome

As a kid Bill Murray confused me. I thought he was funny and endearing and larger than life (long before he was in the movie Larger Than Life), but he also made me uncomfortable. There was something about his interaction with women that totally freaked me out, whether it was flirting with fellow camp counselors …

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Every Day

Based on the young adult novel by David Levithan, Every Day is the story of Rhiannon (Angourie Rice), an ordinary sixteen year old girl who has been juggling everyday teenage life and problems at home. Her depressed father has lost his job and spends his time painting, while her mother (Maria Bello) is either busy …

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