Awake (2007)

Hayden Christensen plays Clay, a super-rich young man with a domineering and over-protective mother (Lena Olin). Clay has inherited his father’s riches, his business, and one might guess, his bad genes. Poor young Clay needs a heart transplant. On the side, Clay is in love with Sam (Jessica Alba), a match that they guess his …

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Ballet Shoes

Based on a classic 1930s novel (written by Noel Streatfeild) for girls, Ballet Shoes introduces us to the three orphans adopted by eccentric Great Uncle Matthew (Richard Griffiths) whose idea of giving his niece a gift is to bring home another orphaned infant before trotting off on another global jaunt. Unsurprising to all those versed …

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On paper, this reads like a movie I’d absolutely love: Keira Knightley and James McAvoy in an epic WWII-era romance directed by Joe Wright, who brought the oft-filmed old chestnut Pride & Prejudice to the screen in an exciting and refreshing new way. Sign me up! Unfortunately, while it does contain many flashes of greatness, …

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The Invasion

How did they screw up this movie? You’ve got hot stars (Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, fresh from his star-making turn as James Bond), you’ve got a creative and respected European director (Oliver Hirschbiegel, who made the Oscar-winning Downfall), and a tried-and-true plot that has already spawned two classic films called Invasion of the Body …

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