Amélie (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain)

With her slightly ruffled pixie haircut, big blinking eyes, deep black pupils, porcelain skin, slightly ducky overbite, and big clunky shoes, Amélie looks like she should be sharing a cartoon screen with none other than Mickey Mouse. Amélie’s world is full of bright bold colors, Parisian landmarks at their most flattering, and magical moments of …

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Apocalypse Now

As bloated as Marlon Brando, Redux is a three-plus hour re-edited director’s cut of what is widely agreed to be a great film. We still have the basic plot framework of the original film, based on Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”: In the Vietnam War, an Army captain (Martin Sheen) is sent up-river on a …

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Yo La Tengo

Moby Octopad’s L’Hippocampe Rendezvous: Yo La Tengo and the Documentaries of Jean Painlevé

As much as Seattleites like to grumble about Paul Allen’s bloated architectural monstrosity, the Experience Music Project (or EMP), one can’t help but appreciate the musical treats that the museum has been sponsoring around town. One of the latest offerings to try to win over the public is the Music + Film series, concentrating mainly …

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American Movie

Mark Borchardt is a scraggly-haired lanky fellow from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin suburbs. Ever since he made horror movies as a kid, using his friends and chocolate syrup “blood” as props, he has dreamed of becoming a major successful filmmaker. In his eyes, it is just a matter of time before he is hobnobbing with the …

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Amores Perros

I have a couple of friends who can attest to my complete and utter lack of flair for the Spanish language. While traveling with them in Spain, they would first laugh as I read aloud from Lonely Planet about places we visited… then the laughter would quickly turn to pained impatience as they would wrestle …

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