Amy (1998)

Call me a bitter person, but I really don’t like singing children. No, let me rephrase that… it’s a bit unfair. I don’t like singing children who have the prima-donna attitude of believing that they are good singers, and think they are cute to boot. The number one offender is, of course, the creepy little …

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Hollywood needs to be told that computer geeks very rarely look like Sandra Bullock (The Net), Ryan Phillippe (Antitrust), or Angelina Jolie (Hackers). If these people worked in marketing, I might believe it, but programmers? Unfortunately they (or do I mean many of the people I know?), are a heck of a lot more scrappy …

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American Pie

Not to be bitter or anything (as I grumble, “Goddamn kids these days…” and bang my cane on the floor), but I don’t think that the teenage movies of my generation sucked as much as they do now. OK, the Porky‘s movies sucked, but other than, say, Clueless or Election, has there really been any …

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