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Onward’s backdrop is the idea that magic, which once saturated the world with wonder and spectacle, has been siphoned away over the centuries by technology and, well, general apathy. Unicorns are the new feral cats, centaurs take cars instead of galloping across town, and sprites have traded in whimsy to become perpetually peeved pint-sized biker …

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Within about three minutes of the insanely expository opening credits that feel edited together by someone with untreated ADD – blink and you’ll no doubt miss a key piece of info that flashes onscreen for a millisecond – the action gets underway and keeps right on going throughout its brisk 95-minute runtime. Who needs pesky, superfluous …

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Spies in Disguise

To backtrack: Lance is considered the world’s greatest spy. He can extricate himself from any situation with skill, finesse and borderline-superhuman athleticism, and he’s revered by his colleagues at the C.I.A. At the other end of the spectrum is Walter Beckett (voiced by Spider-Man’s Tom Holland), a sweet and brilliant – if geeky – young …

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Lucy in the Sky

Natalie Portman sports the aforementioned tragic fake hair to star as Lucy Cola, a chronic overachiever, Type-A personality and NASA astronaut who’s just returned from her latest mission and is already itching to get back in space. She’s married to Drew (Dan Stevens), a grinning, aw-shucks-wholesome marketing executive for the space agency, who behaves as …

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Cats (2019)

You remember that trailer, right? The one that instantly set the Internet a’blaze with gasps of horror, hilarious memes and near-unanimous “what were they THINKING?!?!”s as the world caught its first confusing, terrifying glimpse of Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper’s big-name big-screen adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway musical. “Bup, bup,” the filmmakers replied, “Cool …

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Bombshell (2019)

Kicking off just before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, the film follows the rocky trajectory of two of Ailes’ most famous accusers: Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron) and Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman). Each one is at a different point in her career and is weighing different stakes: Kelly’s star …

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