Let Him Go

At first Margaret and George Blackledge might be confused for Clark Kent’s parents. After all, they are played by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner, both looking comfortably weathered like a favorite sweater. Their rural Montana home would be a retro dream for an urban hipster wanting a little bit of country, but it turns out …

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Hostiles (2017)

It is 1892 New Mexico, and the violence and genocide that has shaped the Europeans’ settlement in the American West is winding down. Hostiles’ difficult opening scene shows a gang of marauding Indians slaughter almost an entire family of white settlers, leaving with their horses and setting fire to their homestead. But then the next …

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When Tombstone came out, it was the battle of the Wyatt Earp movies, with Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp being released within a year of this one (as Hollywood is wont to do). I remember hearing that Tombstone was the superior rendition of the tale of the Earp brothers’ showdown with the bad guys in the …

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Let God

If you’re inclined to feel put off by a film called Let God, perhaps you’d feel better about watching something called The Trail. One sounds specifically aimed at Christian audiences, while the other sounds entirely nondenominational. Marketed under both titles, Let God actually works either way. Though is tackles issues of faith, there’s nothing heavy-handed …

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