Hot Docs 2024 #2: Six Shorts We’re Psyched to See

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Hot Docs Film Festival

Everyone knows Hot Docs offers up a feast of fantastic films every year. And while many filmgoers focus only on features, we know that some super-fab documentaries are frequently found in the Shorts programs. A few days ago, we revealed the 12 feature-length docs we’re most excited to check out at this year’s fest. And now, after browsing all the films screening in the seven different Shorts programs, we’ve honed in on a half-dozen we’re psyched to see:

Am I the Skinniest Person You’ve Ever Seen?
We dig reflective autobiographical films — especially the ones using archival material (think: old family photos and home movies) — so this doc juxtaposing the director’s body image, eating disorder and cultural heritage has piqued our interest. Screening with Shorts Program 4

Chasing Time
We love a good eco-doc and we love Iceland, which means this mid-length doc profiling former NatGeo photographer James Balog and his work chronicling the impacts of climate change immediately made our to-check-out list. Screening with Shorts Program 2

The Everlasting Pea
I mean, we would have seen this doc — a creative exploration of the “consciousness” of plant life — based on its whimsical title alone. Screening with Shorts Program 2

It’s Okay
Drag queens reading to children is, inexplicably, a Big Issue for certain portions of the population, so we’re excited to see this small, very-personal look at how two kids experience this type of colorful story hour for the first time. Screening with Shorts Program 3

The Sparkle
This doc following the crew of a travelling carnival over the course of a summer sounds, based on its synopsis, like one of those shorts that could probably be expanded to feature length. We’re looking forward to finding out! Screening with Shorts Program 4

TR(ol)L: New Kids on the Block, Total Request Live and the Chain Letter that Changed the Internet
We’re always on the lookout for fun, cheeky docs, and this one — about the early days of creative online trolling, and the instant winner of the Hot Docs 2024 film with the longest title — looks like it’ll fit that bill perfectly. Screening with Shorts Program 3

For tickets, screening info and more, visit the official Hot Docs website!


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