If you want some cotton candy, take a bite, but don’t blame me if you feel queasy afterwards!

I sensed that I was a bit out of my league at the Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde screening when the raucous preview audience went into a flurry of excitement when the promoters announced a “bend and snap” contest before the movie… with prizes! I didn’t dare ask my friend what this was referring to, and wasn’t clued in much by the fact that two buxom teenage girls, and pre-teen boy, and a gay man (with a chihuahua!) rushed to the front of the theater to participate. For fans of the original Legally Blonde (which, yes, I DID see, but apparently blocked out) all knew that this refers to a sassy move where our heroine Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) saucily picks something up off the floor (I think), while maintaining impressive booty-shaking posture. Or something like that. Anyways, the pre-teen boy won, and I started getting a little nervous that I wasn’t worthy to be part of this packed house of rabid fans.

Needless to say, you don’t have to be a fan of the original film to enjoy the sequel on its own. And you also don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the movie is as fluffy as one of the little pink-sweater outfits that Elle’s pet chihuahua Bruiser wears. As tasty and appealing as cotton candy, you take a big yummy bite, and it dissolves in your mouth immediately, leaving you with a little sugar buzz until you throw up later on the roller coaster. But I digress.

LB2 (let’s call it that to sound edgy) pretty much continues where the first movie left off-ish. Elle is a lawyer in a Boston firm, and she promptly gets fired when she proposes to fight a large cosmetics corporation to get them to quit testing their products on animals. Oh, this all came about because she wanted to invite little pup Bruiser’s mom to her wedding with her man (ubiquitous boyfriend Luke Wilson). Turns out Bruiser’s long-lost mom is in an animal testing lab, and by golly, Elle wants to fight the power and get ALL the furry friends out! Anyways. This all sends Elle to Washington, DC, to be an assistant to a powerful Senator, played by none other than Sally Field.

The background, cause, and setting have changed, but otherwise LB2 is pretty much the exact same movie as the first. Elle is first rejected by her peers as being a ditz, but of course she wins them over. Elle focuses her charm and friendship on a mousy girl who transforms into a confident woman. Elle butts heads with the most stubborn superiors, but of course, they all fall in love with her. Elle gets the entire U.S. Congress smiling and clapping their hands when she gives a rousing speech comparing apathetic patriotism to a bad haircut (really!).

Legally Blonde 2 will probably satisfy fans of the first film (though my movie-going buddy, who is a huge fan of the first, looked a little shellshocked when it was over—his reality had melted, and he felt like he had just watched the exact same movie twice). It is a summer comedy, nothing more, nothing less. If you want some cotton candy, take a bite, but don’t blame me if you feel queasy afterwards!

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