SIFF 2024 #2: Documentaries we’re super-excited to see

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Part of the fun of going to film festivals is enjoying the unique treat of watching a movie before anyone else… but fests also offer a terrific opportunity to see movies that are building buzz on the festival circuit. Moviepie’s Vickie, based in Toronto, just finished seeing over 60 (!) documentaries at the Hot Docs film fest, and several of her favorites will be playing at SIFF. Here are some snippets of some of Vickie’s reviews of movies that we’re super-excited to see at SIFFTY:

Black Box Diaries
“Courageous, raw, emotional and deeply personal are just some of the ways I’d describe this astonishing documentary from director Shiori Ito, a young journalist who chronicles her eight-year fight for justice after she’s drugged and raped by a well-connected senior colleague.” (Read more)

Fragments of a Life Loved
“A film in which the director picks at a proverbial scab and asks all her ex-lovers about their time together? Could there be a more potentially self-absorbed and self-serving premise? I’m pleased to report that my fears were unfounded…” (Read more)

A New Kind of Wilderness
“It’s really hard not to fall in love with the ridiculously charming Norwegian family at the heart of director Silje Evensmo Jacobsen’s thoughtful and contemplative character study — so much so that I suspect widowed patriarch Nik may find himself… being rabidly pursued by women from all over the world once his story gets out.” (Read more)

The Ride Ahead
“…Prepare to be impressed and entertained!… [Samuel] Habib — who’s about to start college and wants to embrace independence as an adult with a disability — is seeking guidance and advice from a been-there-crushed-that group of mentors who are, Samuel notes, ‘living badass adult lives.'” (Read more)

Chasing Time
“Where [2012’s Chasing Ice] chronicled the launch of photographer James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey, which captured global glacier melt using time-lapse images from strategically placed automated cameras, this gorgeous and contemplative film is the bookend to its predecessor, marking that project’s closure and the removal of the Survey’s final camera.” (Read more)


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