1970s nostalgia

Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank (Paul Bettany) is the mysterious, smart, well-read favorite uncle of his teenage niece Beth (Sophia Lillis) in early 1970s South Carolina. She can’t figure out why her grandfather (Stephen Root) is so hostile and dismissive towards his oldest son, while the rest of the sprawling family avoid asking Frank too much about his …

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Rain (2001)

The setting is a lazy beach community in New Zealand, where the adults throw drunken house parties at night and sleep through the day, while the kids pretty much are left to take care of themselves. Janey (Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki) is at the age where she is on the cusp of becoming a woman, all budding sexuality combined …

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Arguably the first porn superstar, Linda Lovelace shot to fame in mainstream America when the goofy 1972 porn film Deep Throat became a bonafide hit. Linda was a girl next door who happened to have an extreme talent, and the feature-length porno was watched by everyone from celebrities to suburban couples on date night. Lovelace …

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There is something satisfyingly cinematic about seeing glittery, decadent characters stumble and fall, becoming mere mortals that sometimes wake up in a ditch like anyone else. The disco era of the late 1970s is ripe for such a story, as we’ve seen from the good (Boogie Nights, Saturday Night Fever), the bad (54), and the …

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A huge hit in Canada, C.R.A.Z.Y. basically swept the Genie Awards, winning almost a dozen awards, including Best Motion Picture. On the surface, you could classify it as a coming-of-age movie, or a gay-coming-of-age movie, or a father-son drama, or a family drama, or even a wacky 70s flashback comedy. While watching the film, you …

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