Ready Player One

In 2045, apparently the world sucks so bad that everyone just wants to live in a world of virtual reality. More specifically, they want to live in The Oasis, a VR universe accessible by just putting on your mask. You can be anyone you want to be. You can earn points, lives, and “coins” to …

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Making the Grade

Judd Nelson stars as Eddie Keaton, a ne’er do well who lives in his car and has nonspecific dealings with shady people. He owes money to some bad guys or double crossed the wrong person…you know, the sort of thing that results in an elaborate chase as soon as you go outside. Meanwhile, on the …

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True Confession: I love the 80s in a way that could be described as sick, but hadn’t see Flashdance until this year. I know! It makes me want to gasp in horror too! In my own defense, I will say that I own the soundtrack and the leg warmers, and I was only 6 years …

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