Woman in Gold

There are just about no greater villains of modern history, both cinematically and in reality, as the Nazis. Images of the stiff-armed salutes, the crisp uniforms, the shiny boots, and–just as horrific–the smiling and waving crowds lining the streets as the motorcades drive by, can still bring chills to those of us that weren’t alive …

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Big Eyes

The Keane “Big Eyes” paintings that dominated the late Fifties and early Sixties (and inspired endless knock-offs) have been called everything from kitschy to haunting. What caused this artist to paint such huge eyes? Walter Keane cited the starving children in Auschwitz as his inspiration, but the truth is far stranger. Walter Keane didn’t paint …

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Adam Goldberg plays Adrian, an Adam Goldberg-type… you know, he is scowly, moody, full of disdain for humanity in general, and explodes with rat-tat-tat verbosity about how he is obviously the smartest one in the room. In a word, he is a pretentious ultra-urban snob. This time he is a musician that makes such edgy …

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James McAvoy stars as Simon, an art auctioneer who’s pulled into the high-stakes heist of a multi-million-dollar painting. But when the job goes awry and he’s knocked unconscious, he loses a chunk of his memory and can’t remember where he’s hidden the stolen goods. Unfortunately for Simon, Franck (Vincent Cassel), his gangster partner-in-crime, is none …

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