The Hunger: The Complete First Season

Besides its name (and Tony and Ridley Scott as producers) the short-lived erotic horror anthology series The Hunger didn’t have much in common with the classic Bowie/Deneuve/Sarandon soft-porn vampire classic film of the same name. However, it sure had an interesting idea, and though the quality of the episodes is erratic, there are definitely some …

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9 Songs

OK, everyone! Raise your hand if you are interested in seeing 9 Songs because of the musical performances of such hot bands as Franz Ferdinand, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and The Dandy Warhols? Yeah, OK. Whatever. I’ve got your number. I see you averting your gaze and looking a little uncomfortable. Admit it. You want …

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Now that I’ve finished vomiting in a bucket after seeing Quills, let me give you an idea of what it is about. It is Napoleonic times in France (that would be the early 1800s, for those of you who slept through your history classes), and the prolific smutty author the Marquis de Sade (Geoffrey Rush, …

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Arguably the first porn superstar, Linda Lovelace shot to fame in mainstream America when the goofy 1972 porn film Deep Throat became a bonafide hit. Linda was a girl next door who happened to have an extreme talent, and the feature-length porno was watched by everyone from celebrities to suburban couples on date night. Lovelace …

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What may shock you is that Shortbus is a warm and funny and sad movie. If you have seen John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch, this, however, should not surprise you. Shortbus is the name of a sort of cabaret-salon-sex club in the heart of New York City. The era is post-9/11; the …

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The Raspberry Reich

I can’t in good conscience rate The Raspberry Reich any higher than this, because it’s a terrible, terrible movie. Then again, it’s not really a movie, it’s a porno. Not only that, it’s a terrorism-themed gay porno, populated by left-wing extremists who say things like “Heterosexuality is the opiate of the masses!” in order to …

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