Old (2021)

Old (2021)

There are smart, clever M. Night Shyamalan movies (The Sixth Sense, Signs), then there are dumb M. Night Shyamalan (The Happening… what is happening???). Old, admittedly, has a great trailer. I was optimistic. Tightly edited, it looks like a compact horror story taking place over 24 hours in a slice of paradise. “There’s something wrong …

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New Orleans paramedics and longtime best pals Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan) have seen everything on their rounds. But lately there has been a weird trend of young people overdosing while simultaneously suffering from bizarre wounds like exotic snake bites and impalements from strange knives. As the witnesses are stoned out of their …

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Nocturne (2020)

As a teen, no one wants to be second fiddle to their sibling, or, in the case of Juliet (Sydney Sweeney), second piano. Juliet and her twin sister Vivian (Madison Iseman) are both senior students at a prestigious performing arts high school, where both excel at classical piano playing. Except, well, Vivian has always been …

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Evil Eye (2020)

Pallavi (Sunita Mani) is an attractive, unmarried Indian-America woman who is pushing 30, much to the dismay of her superstitious mother Usha (Sarita Choudhury) back in India. Though mother and daughter are extremely close, talking on the phone every day, the fact that Pallavi has not found a nice Indian boy to settle down with …

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The Lie (2020)

The Lie, despite having the normally gore/horror label Blumhouse attached to it, is a mostly bloodless, slow burn drama. Divorced parents Jay and Rebecca (Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos) are co-parenting their teenage daughter Kayla (Joey King), swapping weekends and errands, and trying their best to remain civil as they have taken the early steps …

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If we can all agree on anything these days, it is that Janelle Monáe is totally watchable. She does double-duty in the social commentary horror movie with a twist, Antebellum, but alas is not enough to recommend the film. If I could make a recommendation to filmmakers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz it would be this: Don’t let …

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