Ice Skating

I, Tonya

In the early 90s, I loved watching ice skating. There was Tonya Harding, a “local” girl to us Northwesterners, who seemingly scratched and clawed her way to become one of the top U.S. skaters. Her athletic skills were undeniable. To see her prep in the seconds before a huge jump with grim determination, before exploding …

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Ice Girls

Mattie Dane (Michaela du Toit) is a 15-year-old aspiring figure skating champion whose dreams screech to a halt when she falls at regionals. When the eviction notice comes a few days later, she and her mom and her sister are forced to move out of the big city of Toronto to Sudbury, Ontario with their …

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Ice Castles (2010)

I can just about guarantee that any girl born in the early 70s has gone through the slumber-party right of passage called Ice Castles. The original 1978 movie starred Lynn-Holly Johnson as a young ice skater who (gasp!) goes blind in an accident, but decides to compete anyways, and ubiquitous dreamboat Robby Benson as the …

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