Melissa McCarthy

The Boss

When last we saw Melissa McCarthy on the big screen, she was KILLING IT in Spyas a mild-mannered woman who learns to embrace her inner badass. Think of The Boss as the anti-Spy. Here, not only is the storyline flipped – McCarthy plays a badass who learns to tap into her sensitive side – but, …

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Need more? Melissa McCarthy cements her status as a cinematic force to be reckoned with in this super- fun action-comedy from writer-director Paul Feig. In it, she stars as Susan Cooper, a mild- mannered CIA agent who’s been relegated to a desk job while her suave super-spy partner, Bradley Fine (Jude Law), jets around the …

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Now, I’m a fan of Melissa McCarthy. She’s a great physical comedian, has a blunt potty mouth that makes me laugh, and has totally cute dimples that are delightfully charming. But I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve seen Tammy before, but rehashed, like leftovers from last week. The film starts out with Tammy (McCarthy) …

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St. Vincent

Among the many tried and true cliches of Hollywood films (from the training montage, to the dog always surviving, to the hero always getting to kiss the girl at the end): All boys need to be taught to fight in order to be a man. This is especially true if they are unfortunate enough to …

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The Heat

There is nothing original about the cop buddy movie The Heat. There is an uptight cop and a crazy cop, and there is a bad guy that no one can seem to catch until this mis-matched pair puts aside their differences in order to git r’ done against all odds. Oh, gosh, except that it …

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Identity Thief

In this buddy road movie – that bears an uncanny, if not as successful, resemblance to John Hughes’ far more brilliant Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy are strangers trying to make their way from Florida to Colorado, who encounter a colorful array of wrenches thrown unceremoniously into their plans at …

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