Mental illness


As a teenager growing up across the street from the Creedmoor psychiatric center in the early 1980s, Candy Cahill (Stef Dawson) is acutely aware of what it means to be different, locked up, and defined by the scope of your Day Pass. She sees the Creedmorians shuffling down the street every day, often being mocked …

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Now that I’ve finished vomiting in a bucket after seeing Quills, let me give you an idea of what it is about. It is Napoleonic times in France (that would be the early 1800s, for those of you who slept through your history classes), and the prolific smutty author the Marquis de Sade (Geoffrey Rush, …

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The Beaver

The Beaver is a tricky story. Part comedy (and yes, some of it *is* squirmingly funny), and part melancholy drama, it walks a thin, sometimes wobbly line between the two genres before jumping off the deep end into a quite tragic story. We meet depressed family man Walter Black (Mel Gibson) as his wife Meredith …

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Do not be suckered by the star power behind Proof. Just because Hollywood’s smart kids are in a movie about math, doesn’t mean it’s going to be any fun to watch. Any way you slice it, Proof is a poopy, pretentious film, and it’s always a bore watching Gwyneth Paltrow question her sanity. The movie …

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