Cats (2019)

You remember that trailer, right? The one that instantly set the Internet a’blaze with gasps of horror, hilarious memes and near-unanimous “what were they THINKING?!?!”s as the world caught its first confusing, terrifying glimpse of Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper’s big-name big-screen adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway musical. “Bup, bup,” the filmmakers replied, “Cool …

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The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman stars as legendary ringmaster and purveyor of hoaxes Phineas “P.T.” Barnum, whose dirt-poor upbringing gives way to an entrepreneurial spirit. Driven by an innate showmanship, cash-strapped Barnum whisks his long-time beloved – the aristocratic Charity (Michelle Williams, in a completely thankless role) – away from her rich, domineering father so the duo can …

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Walking on Sunshine

When Taylor (Hannah Arterton) flies to Italy to join her sister, Maddie (Annabel Scholey) on holiday, she’s not entirely surprised to find that Maddie has fallen head over heels in love with a new guy. Maddie has always been impetuous in love and has a string of failed relationships and romantic missteps behind her to …

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It’s not that the movie is bad, because it isn’t. In fact, it’s quite ambitious and somewhat enjoyable. But it does try to cram in so many different genres that it feels a bit like a glitzy, bouncy, colorful mess. André “André 3000” Benjamin and Antwan “Big Boi” Patton co-star as longtime best friends, Percival …

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Funny Face

Audrey Hepburn charms as bookshop clerk Jo Stockton, whose life is turned upside down when fashion magazine editor Maggie Prescott (the fabulous Kay Thompson) bursts into her shop with photographer Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) and a passel of models and makeup artists in tow. Before Jo knows what hit her, books are thrown all over …

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I swear, sometimes it seems like I have powers. This summer I developed the sudden and uncontrollable urge to watch Cry-Baby. I hadn’t seen it in over a decade, and I kind of wanted to buy it, but I wasn’t quite sure if it would be as good as I remembered. I waffled, I obsessed, …

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