Just Mercy

Though Just Mercy is a relatively by-the-book procedural, it is actually better than its trailer suggests, portraying a solemn lawyer promising justice for an unjustly imprisoned death row inmate. With the swelling music of the trailer, and the cuts between concerned family members, furrowed brows, and evil lawyers and judges in business casual, you pretty …

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Measured, thoughtful and, at times, quite moving, Stewart’s political drama tracks Bahari – an Iranian-Canadian – in the days before his arrest in June 2009, and his subsequent incarceration. In Iran to cover the controversial elections, Bahari gets involved with supporters of the opposition, sends footage of the street riots back to his colleagues in …

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American Violet

American Violet is one of those awful (i.e. brilliant and compelling) movies like Felon that rattles you to the core from the very beginning, then leaves you in knots until the bitter end.  Based on a true story, there’s never any question that the events unfolding could happen to you.  Somehow that’s far more terrifying …

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