Raunchy comedy

Rough Night

Intended, I guess, to be some kind of R-rated girl-bonding movie that will remind audiences once again that women can behave just as crudely and badly as the fellas, it’s pretty awful all around. (After sitting in stone silence through all of the credits, and as we were exiting the theater, my movie-going pal finally …

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Snatched (2017)

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn co-star as, respectively, Emily and Linda Middleton. Dumped by her boyfriend right before a non-refundable trip to Ecuador, Emily is desperate to find a plus-one so she doesn’t have to travel alone. Her cat-loving, overprotective mom suddenly becomes Emily’s go-to choice after Emily discovers a photo album of her mom …

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Why Him?

If you watched the trailer and thought, “OMG dude, that looks hiLARious and awesome!”, you’ll probably really, really enjoy the movie. If, like me, you watched the trailer and cringed, thinking Why Him? looks like yet another painful exercise in frat-boy humor and something Bryan Cranston may want to scrub from his resumé down the …

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Bad Moms

I remember there were a few scenes in Bridesmaids that had me laughing so hard that I made a garbly snorting/wheezing sound while tears rolled down my face. It was the first mainstream movie in recent memory (since Hollywood’s memory is notably short) that acknowledged that women can be raunchy. They can be gross. They can …

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Vacation (2015)

Like many folks, I can recite many lines from the cheeseball Chevy Chase 80s classic National Lampoon’s Vacation. Like many folks, I don’t remember demanding that Hollywood remake a movie that was perfectly fine the first time around. But this is Hollywood. What’s old is new(ish) again! Teenager Rusty Griswold from the first film is …

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Thanks to her father (Colin Quinn), Amy (Amy Schumer) has spent almost her entire life believing that monogamy is for suckers. He basically sat her down and told her as much, left her mother, and proceeded to lead a self-centered life of screwing around. Somehow Amy’s sister, Kim (Brie Larson), came away with the opposite …

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