Ben-Hur (2016)

Now, everyone will compare this film to the multiple-Oscar-winning 1957 epic Ben-Hur starring the majestic Charlton Heston (and his supporting cast of very white teeth). The truth is, this story has been told several times, starting in the silent era, so making a new version is as valid as, say, making another Tarzan movie. After …

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Latter Days

L.A. pretty-boy Christian (Wesley A. Ramsey) is blessed with modelesque good looks, and the effortless ability to pick up and take home any man he wants—even if the guy is seemingly straight! One day, a group of clean-cut guys move into a neighboring apartment, and Christian rubs his hands with the possibilities. But, alas! The …

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Set at American Eagle Christian High School, Saved! is the story of Mary (Jena Malone), an ordinary teen whose world is turned upside down when her boyfriend reveals that he is gay. Troubled, Mary feels that it is her responsibility to help him. Most girls would view remaining a supportive friend “helping”, but Mary’s religious …

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Going Clear

Based on Lawrence Wright’s book of the almost-same name (Wright’s title throws “Hollywood” into the mix after the word “Scientology”), Gibney’s film examines how a sci-fi author in the 1950s managed to create a controversial “religion” that has amassed billions of dollars and a devout (if small) following that includes high-profile members of the glitterati …

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Let God

If you’re inclined to feel put off by a film called Let God, perhaps you’d feel better about watching something called The Trail. One sounds specifically aimed at Christian audiences, while the other sounds entirely nondenominational. Marketed under both titles, Let God actually works either way. Though is tackles issues of faith, there’s nothing heavy-handed …

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Son of God

Touted as Jesus’ life told with “the scope and scale of an action epic”, Son of God hangs its hat on being accessible to the masses while not so subtly aiming to convert its audience into proper Christians. It also emphasizes the fact that Jesus was a man who wished to live among other men, …

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