Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme

Rosemary (Emily Blunt) has loved neighbor farm boy Anthony (Jamie Dornan) ever since they were wee children in the Irish countryside. But a misunderstood love rivalry with another girl has led them to grow up as grumpy single farmers with a symbolic fence between their land. Anthony’s dad (Christopher Walken, sporting an every-now-and-then Irish accent) …

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The Lovebirds (2020)

In the preface, we meet Leilani (Issa Rae) and Jibran (Kumail Nanjiani) cute, giggly, and obviously crazy about each other after a hook-up that certainly looks like it is going to lead to something more serious. Jump ahead four years, and they are living together, bickering about little things, and their habits are getting on …

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Win a Blu-ray of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma.’

BRING HOME AUTUMN DE WILDE’S DELIGHTFUL ADAPTATION OF THE TIMELESS TALE STARRING ANYA TAYLOR-JOY Enter to win a Blu-ray of ‘Emma.’ SYNOPSIS: Jane Austen’s beloved comedy about finding your equal and earning your happy ending is reimagined in this delicious new film adaptation of EMMA. Handsome, clever and rich, Emma Woodhouse (Anya Taylor-Joy) is a restless …

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Last Christmas

Blessed with two fabulous leads – who have stellar chemistry with each other – and a screenplay co-penned by Oscar-winner Emma Thompson, Last Christmas is a movie made for people who love Christmas movies. And it’s a thousand times better than anything Hallmark’s made-for-TV machine will ever crank out. Emilia Clark stars as Kate, a …

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Gloria Bell

We all know that Julianne Moore is gorgeous. She’s strangely ageless with her flawless skin and excellent facial structure. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so… luminous as she is in Gloria Bell. Playing the titular character, Moore is marvelously warm and magnetic, and even if the movie is not about much, you …

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Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), is a university professor in New York, a successful independent woman with a gorgeous boyfriend named Nick Young (Henry Golding). Things get serious when Nick invites Rachel to Singapore to go to a wedding… and, more importantly, to meet his family. Her man has always been a head-turner when they are …

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Long Shot (2019)

I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice the sub-genre of romantic comedies where a completely neurotic, dorky, egotistical New York white male becomes romantic catnip to an impossibly gorgeous woman. Woody Allen, of course, is the original king of this genre, with his torch picked up by the likes of Ben Stiller and …

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Book Club

Vivian (Jane Fonda) owns a luxury hotel and has always favored sex over love and commitment, Sharon (Candice Bergen) is a federal judge who’s been happily divorced for nineteen years, Diane (Diane Keaton) is the recently widowed mother of two daughters, and Carol (Mary Steenburgen) is in a stable marriage. The lives of all four …

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I can only assume that the disjointed, scattered, confusing, illogical and, sadly, mostly unentertaining film from writer-director Cameron Crowe somehow fell victim to over-editing or excessive tinkering that ultimately sacrificed, not enhanced or enriched, its story. C’mon, this is the guy who gave us Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire, folks! He knows how to spin …

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