Land (2021)

Land (2021)

While visiting friends in the rural area around Missoula, Montana, I heard about what the locals termed “mountain bachelors”. These were guys who purposely had fallen off the grid, often due to trauma (like Vietnam vets, for instance), living up in a remote cabin away from society. They’d emerge every now and then to check …

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The Revenant

The Revenant (which I know from seeing the excellent, unrelated French series Les Revenants) means one who has returned from the dead. Though this is not really explained in this brutal film by Alejandro G. Iñárritu (perhaps, at some point, one of the French trappers muttered something I missed?), you can pretty much get the …

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The 33

It’s hard to comprehend the horror of being trapped in a mine for 69 days, but the film adaptation of the 2010 Chilean miner’s ordeal does a surprisingly good job of recreating this nightmare for the viewer. After a few minutes of getting to know the characters and watching them prepare for work, we descend …

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