1917 is effectively a feature length stunt. As the camera follows two young British World War I soldiers from their camp to the trenches to trudging across a field to a house in a field (etc. etc.) you realize that it seems to be one continuous, unbroken shot. The camera swoops from their faces to …

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A Private War

Tracking the latter years of Colvin’s astonishing career with London’s Sunday Times and her collaboration with war photographer Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan), the film follows the tenacious, seemingly fearless journalist (Pike) from the early 2000s to her 2012 death while covering the Syrian civil war in Homs. Determined to tell the human stories behind war …

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Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday is one of those films that you know immediately has only the best intentions. Focusing on the massacre of peace-marching civilians by British troops on one bloody day in early 1970s Northern Ireland, the film aims to expose in the most raw way the horror of the event. Using hand-held cameras to lend …

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The Bomb

Throughout history, there have been leaps in warfare, from sticks and stones, to bows and arrows, to guns, then machine guns. But thermonuclear warfare was such a jump in the ways that we kill each other, that we may have just said “game over” when the first bomb was dropped. I mean, how can you …

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Brothers (Brødre)

Michael (Ulrich Thomsen) is a stand-up, strait-laced, good-hearted soldier, who’s happily married to Sarah (Connie Nielsen) and raising two adorable young daughters (Sarah Juel Werner, Rebecca Logstrup). His younger brother, Jannik (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), is his polar opposite—brutish, angry and a recently paroled ex-con with a drinking problem. He’s the family screw-up, and they never …

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First of all, if you come from a military family, try to pay attention to the movie and avoid drawing any random parallels to your own life and experiences. I did this the whole way through the movie, which is ultimately what the filmmakers want. I’m not saying that I melted into a puddle of …

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