World War I


1917 is effectively a feature length stunt. As the camera follows two young British World War I soldiers from their camp to the trenches to trudging across a field to a house in a field (etc. etc.) you realize that it seems to be one continuous, unbroken shot. The camera swoops from their faces to …

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The Promise (2016)

Movies have always had the powerful ability to not only entertain, but to inform. Movies can bring attention to little-acknowledged moments of history, whether good or bad, by telling a story that will (hopefully) intrigue an audience and push them to open their eyes to the past, and, hopefully, to learn from it. Starting in …

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War Horse

The novel by Michael Morpurgo is set during the First World War and told from the horse‚Äôs point of view. The live-theater incarnation features a glorious mechanical horse puppet that, over the course of the play, steals the heart of the audience and, for all intents and purposes, becomes almost real. In both instances, everything …

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My Boy Jack

Young Harry Potter gets to stretch his legs in this made-for-TV historical drama, and redeems himself quite nicely, I must say. In fact, except for the initial jolt of recognition when he first appears on-screen, I found that Daniel Radcliffe disappeared immediately to be replaced by young John Kipling, son of the famous author Rudyard …

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There are many Best Picture winners, true classics from Golden Age of Hollywood, that stand the test of time, like Gone With the Wind, It Happened One Night, or Rebecca. Then you have movies like Cavalcade, that have the credentials, but, well, no one really talks about them anymore. I think in the back of …

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