The 2009 Worldwide Short Film Festival (June 16 – 21)

Just when you thought it was safe to exhale and settle in to a fest-free period, the WWSFF is here.

Short films a-go-go!

Unspooling some 295 shorts from 46 countries (including 198 premieres) slotted into 31 programs, the festival (June 16-21) continues to expand in its 15th year. Thankfully, it remains one of the most affordable film-related events around, with the day pass being your best bang for a buck @ $4 per screening.

Unlike last year’s day-by-day reports, this year’s coverage will be an overall festival wrap-up once all is said and done. It’s easier on my schedule, and means more film-centric commentary and less space-filler blathering from me on tangential subjects like fast-food meals or chit chat in line-ups.

In the meantime, you can get all sorts of general festival info here.

You can peruse the full fest schedule here.

And you can buy tickets online here.

Happy festin’!

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