Video Shooter: Mastering Storytelling Techniques

For anyone interested in the process of filming a movie, as in looking through a lens, framing a shot, and actually putting a story on film, Video Shooter is a comprehensive guide to the art form.

Author: Barry Braverman

Publisher: Focal Press

Year: 2013

Moviepie slices: 7 out of 8

Written by Moonrise Kingdom cinematographer Barry Braverman, Video Shooter is essentially a textbook for anyone wishing to deal with camerawork in film. In practice, this covers a wide range of behind-the-scenes occupations, so it makes sense that the material covered is fairly technical and industry specific. In short, this isn’t the sort of book you enjoy over coffee as you ponder how great cinematography happens.

To fully understand and utilize Video Shooter, technical knowledge of cameras and photography is required, BUT for anyone in possession of that knowledge, the book offers solid, painstakingly detailed advice and information on the craft of shooting videos. Loaded with photographs, the book also serves as an excellent visual guide to framing a shot and offers up food for thought on how best to capture an image. While certainly beyond this reader’s depth, Braverman’s reputation precedes him and this weighty volume attests to his passion and knowledge of the craft.


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