Doctors and patients


When “gay cancer” started spreading in the early 1980s, so little was known about it, that it was not only terrifying to the gay community that it seemed to be exclusively targeting, but it was terrifying to hospitals and care givers as well. Those on the front lines of care were swaddled in “space suits” …

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Breathless (2013)

Set in 1961 London, the series Breathless opens intriguingly, as a handful of doctors and nurses discreetly visit a woman in her own residence to perform an illegal abortion. Cash is passed, and everything is done in the utmost discretion as all parties could be arrested if the act was discovered. We quickly learn that …

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In the jarring openings scenes of Augustine, a young kitchen maid collapses in a dramatic crashing of dinnerware in front of horrified guests. If this were Downton Abbey, Lord Grantham would surely jump to the aid of poor, convulsing maid Augustine (Soko) as she writhed on the floor. But her employers aren’t as sympathetic. After …

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