Sled dogs

Snow Buddies

I happened to catch a trailer for the straight-to-video Snow Buddies tacked on to the end of another Disney DVD. I had heard of Air Bud, but honestly had no idea that these doggie “Buddy” movies were a whole franchise unto themselves. Without the baggage of having sat through the half-dozen other pup movies in …

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Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs is Northern Exposure, with the fish-out-of-water being a black man instead of a New York Jew. Ted (Cuba), a cornball Miami dentist with a sparkling toothsome grin, inherits a team of sled dogs from a dead woman in Alaska… whom he finds out was his biological mother (*gasp!*)! But so the kids in …

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Eight Below

Let me just start by saying this: If I had watched Eight Below in the comfort and privacy of my own home, I would have been ugly-crying. None of this shifting in my chair, blinking furiously, trying to keep my chin from visibly trembling. I could barely take it. I don’t think I’ve sniffled so …

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