Alejandro González Iñárritu

21 Grams

Imagine taking three jigsaw puzzles—one blue, one red, and one yellow—breaking them apart, shaking up the pieces, and throwing them on the floor. The pieces are not in order, and they fall randomly. The final yellow piece to snap into place might be smack in the middle of the mess. The beginning blue piece might …

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Director Alejandro González Iñárritu is obviously a man exploding with talent and passion. He works wonders with actors, and he tends to infuse his tales with a relentless intensity. Amores Perros was his impressive debut, followed by the overly ambitious 21 Grams, which was still admirable. Now he comes forth with perhaps his most accessible …

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Amores Perros

I have a couple of friends who can attest to my complete and utter lack of flair for the Spanish language. While traveling with them in Spain, they would first laugh as I read aloud from Lonely Planet about places we visited… then the laughter would quickly turn to pained impatience as they would wrestle …

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