Amy Poehler

The House (2017)

Now there SHOULD be a funny movie in The House. The premise is relatively inspired: A suburban couple realizes that they need to make money, a lot of money, in a short amount of time in order to send their smarty pants daughter to college. Their BFF, a compulsive gambler whose wife has dumped him, …

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Sisters (2015)

And that’s exactly what the pair do for nearly two hours of profane, slapstick-y humor that tips its boozy hat to classics like Animal House, Bachelor Party and others of their ilk, as sisters Kate (Fey) and Maura (Poehler) host one final, epic blowout at the childhood home their parents (James Brolin, Dianne Wiest) have …

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Baby Mama

It’s really a solid 4.5, but I decided to round up because I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, this somewhat-disappointing chick flick (don’t believe the hype – this totally is a girl movie and boys will steer clear) notwithstanding. Tina Fey stars as Tina Fey (cleverly disguised as a character named “Kate”), a successful …

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