The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Hollywood loves a good downward spiral tragedy, especially when it involves a celebrity, real or imagined. The beautiful and talented disintegrate in full public view, from drugs, alcohol, or self-destructive behavior. We can’t look away. These stories are also Oscar-bait (look at all the nominations for A Star Is Born incarnations, or Renee Zellweger walking …

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The Glorias

Based on Gloria Steinem’s own memoir My Life on the Road, The Glorias painstakingly covers the feminist icon’s life from her childhood in the 1940s to the Women’s March in January 2016. That span of time feels as long as it sounds as portrayed in this biopic, which seems to be simultaneously worshipful, deferential, and …

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Saving Mr. Banks

Emma Thompson, turning in what is easily one of her richest and most complex performances, stars as P.L. Travers, the seriously sour, exceedingly stubborn and altogether unpleasant British author who, for more than two decades, refused to sign over the rights to her book, Mary Poppins, to Walt Disney (Tom Hanks). When Disney throws one …

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Arguably the first porn superstar, Linda Lovelace shot to fame in mainstream America when the goofy 1972 porn film Deep Throat became a bonafide hit. Linda was a girl next door who happened to have an extreme talent, and the feature-length porno was watched by everyone from celebrities to suburban couples on date night. Lovelace …

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