Daniel Craig


All along I’ve been thinking that Defiance is an insufficient name for a film about surviving the Holocaust. It’s too nondescript, too generic–the movie could be about anything, really. Why not give it a title that hints at the gravity of the film? And then I thought about the movie as I drove to work …

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Casino Royale

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Daniel Craig for doing something that no other actor playing superspy 007 has ever been able to do before: get me interested in seeing a James Bond film. And, despite a veritable fan uproar when he was announced as the new Bond over actors like Clive Owen, …

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Quantum of Solace

Literally crashing and smashing and bashing his way through the entire film like the Hulk, Bond leaves carnage and destruction in his wake… which, unfortunately, seems fitting given that this latest chapter in the adventures of Ian Fleming’s womanizing hero is a little bit of a mess and not nearly as spectacularly awesome as Craig’s …

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Things aren’t looking too great for anyone when the film opens: super-spy James Bond (Daniel Craig) is presumed dead after a botched mission that simultaneously lands M (Judi Dench) in seriously hot water with the powers-that-be – including Ralph Fiennes – who calmly but pointedly suggest it might be time for her to pursue a …

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