Haunted houses

The Night House

The Night House

Beth (Rebecca Hall) is a grieving woman. We meet her, dressed in black, being dropped off at her house by a friend who earnestly hands her a casserole dish. As soon as Beth is in the house, she dumps the casserole in the trash and cracks open a bottle. The Night House takes its time …

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The Conjuring 2

In a sense, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren helped spawn the modern horror movie. After all, it was they who documented the murders at the house in Amityville, a real-life horror tale that spawned first a best-selling book, then a hit horror movie (that sure made an impression on me as a kid). Even …

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The Conjuring

Director James Wan has made his mark on horror by directing the first Saw movie, which sawed its way to an extremely successful series of torture-porn sequels. More recently, he surprised the critics with the success of his old-school demon-haunting flick Insidious, a low-budget flick that made a great deal of bank. Alas, I was …

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From the overly drawn-out opening credits, with the Vincent-Price-styled blood-red font of the title, to the over-the-top horror movie “duh-DUH!” music, Insidious seems to be simultaneously trying too hard and not hard enough. When the audience is already getting impatient during the opening shots of black-and-white scary hallways and spooky faces in mirrors in the …

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