Keira Knightley

The Aftermath (2019)

Politically, there were winners at the end of the war, but on the human level, there was so much lost on all sides. British housewife Rachael Morgan (Keira Knightley) is joining her officer husband Lewis (Jason Clarke) in Hamburg, Germany. It’s 1945, not too long after Germany’s surrender, and the British are occupying the city, …

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In my 20s, I was backpacking through Europe, and made a stop to check out Paris’ Père Lachaise Cemetery, burial ground of a great many famous folks. You’d see teens crowded around Jim Morrison’s grave, or people leaving lipstick marks on Oscar Wilde’s tomb, or laying flowers for Edith Piaf. Then there was also the …

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If you weren’t subjected to the marketing of this film, you may find yourself wondering about the title. If you see the movie, and maybe didn’t catch the half-second utterance of the term in context, you may still find yourself wondering about the word “laggies”, like I did. I’m guessing that it must be a …

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