Neill Blomkamp


Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, sometime in the near future, the film presents a semi-dystopian society where the police force is largely made up of robots. They’re law-enforcement machines, almost indestructible and capable of doling out swift, emotionless, fearless justice. Voiced by Blomkamp’s frequent collaborator, Sharlto Copley (whose movements were digitally captured to create the …

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Set roughly 140 years in the future, the film finds the Earth ravaged by pollution and overpopulation, resulting in the über-rich fleeing to the idyllic titular space station where the air is clean, the grass is green, technology has rendered disease nonexistent and the swarthy, unwashed masses – including factory worker Max (Matt Damon) – …

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District 9

If you take a big step back from the rough plot of the sci-fi thriller District 9, you can see it has a familiar story arc. A prejudiced character is forced to live amongst those he hates, only to find that the enemy isn’t so bad, and in fact might be worth fighting for. Heck, …

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