The Meg

Jason Statham, with his tiny face and outrageously broad shoulders, is some sort of brilliant deep-sea rescuer. He, of course, has a troubled past—a submarine rescue went wrong, and he had to leave two of his besties behind to die. Well, actually, he had to close the hatch on them because the side of the …

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Open Water

This “no-budget Jaws” scared the crap out of people at the Sundance festival, where it was quickly snapped up by Lion’s Gate Films. It is a great triumph of independent filmmaking—the whole movie crew, including the actors, was apparently only a handful of people, making the film on weekends and in their spare time and …

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Bait 3D

Now, before you can say, “Wait… what?”, here’s the plot: A tsunami hits an idyllic Australian beach town, flooding a supermarket, and trapping customers, employees, and (yes!) a couple criminals with guns. Before you can say, “Watch out for that live wire dancing just above the water…” something unexpected happens. A man gets pulled under …

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