Hot Docs 2023: Qs à la mode with… Banchi Hanuse (Aitamaako’tamisskapi Natosi: Before the Sun)

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In Aitamaako’tamisskapi Natosi: Before the Sun, director Banchi Hanuse profiles Logan Red Crow, a young Siksika Nation woman competing in the male-dominated sport of Indian Relay. We posed our Qs à la mode to Banchi, and here’s what she shared!

If I had to describe my film using only three adjectives, they would be: Heartwarming, funny, inspirational.

I decided to make this film because: The star of the documentary, Logan Red Crow, is incredibly compelling — strength, determination, fearless, humble — and I love horses.

The thing that surprised me most about my film’s subject/topic was: The intricacies involved in the sport of Indian Relay.

My favorite moment/scene/sequence in my film is: When Logan Red Crow goes to buy and transport hay for her racehorses with just her little car.

The most challenging part of making my film was: Getting over a fear of horses. I love them, but have you ever tried to stand amongst a herd of huge thoroughbred racehorses? It’s nothing now, but at the time I was like, “Welp. Guess this is how I die.”

My most invaluable piece of doc-making gear was/is: Notes — on paper, as well as the Notes app.

One piece of documentary-filmmaking advice I’d like to share with aspiring documentarians is: Go with your gut. If you think a story is interesting enough to dig deeper, and you relate to it on a spiritual level, other people will likely feel the same way. Tell stories that matter to you, not ones that are forced or ones that you think you “should” tell. It makes it easier to pour your heart into stories you care about.

Want to check out Banchi’s film or just learn more about it?
Get the scoop, and your tickets, here!


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